Group Projects and Serve Days Signup

Congratulations on taking the opportunity to be a part of a group volunteering for a Group Project or Single Serve Days to bless and serve our participants at PEARL. Depending on the project your group chooses, you may also be required to complete the basic volunteer form if it involves interaction with the girls and women at PEARL. We ask that volunteers would donate all supplies needed for their specified project.

  • Parental consent required for individuals under the age of 19, to be supplied by your organization.
  • Description of projects explained below this form.
  • Select a date if the dates below do not work for your group.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Single Day of Service – One-time projects that target the completion of large jobs such as: deep cleaning the PEARL house (outside or after hours for inside cleaning), construction, decorating, painting, lawn care, or help to design or maintain flowerbeds or a vegetable garden. Great for large groups of men, women or youth.

Lunch and Games – Arrange a lunch for 4-5 women to cook with our participants, to encourage them, and play games together, or participate in mock role plays for various life experiences such as interviewing for a job – requires all group members to complete a volunteer application, background check and attend foundational training. Each new recipe you create and prepare will be included in our PEARL Nutritious Meals Cookbook for our girls and women to share and keep! Appropriate for women only over the age of 21.

Memory Maker – Arrange an outing or in house fun activity for 4-5 women, bring all the essential items needed to create a memorable time for our girls which could include: going out for a meal, the movies, hosing a spa/salon day, get active on the sports courts, celebrate birthdays, scrapbooking, hosting a performing or talent show, hosting creative art sessions or writing exercises etc. Requires all group members to complete a volunteer application, background check and attend foundational training. Appropriate for women only over the age of 21.

Clothing and Toiletries Sorting and Making Gift Bags – After hours sorting clothing and toiletries donations, and putting together encouraging welcome or outreach gift bags. Appropriate for men, women or youth.

Clothing and Accessories – Host a drive for new clothes and accessories for girls or women as they begin their journey of renewal in going to school or starting a new job. Appropriate for men, women or youth.

Fundraising Challenge – Go head-to-head with your friends, church members or community in the challenge to raise funds for PEARL’s programming, in the effort to provide hope and renew lives. Appropriate for all.

Gift Cards and Bus Passes – Day-to-day needs and transportation are essential in helping provide support for the girls and women who participate in PEARL’s programing. To help, you may choose to have a gift card and/or Bus Pass drive. Appropriate for all.