PEARL Life Renewal Society – Ministry Overview

Two Step Program for Vulnerable Girls and Women

Step 1: PEARL Resource Centre in Downtown Chilliwack

A place that meets vulnerable and exploited girls and women where they are at. The first step in empowering girls and women who are exploited, trafficked or in prostitution through support, education and Jesus’ love to embrace hope and renewal.

Step 2: Life Renewal Women’s Academy

In partnership with other social service agencies in Chilliwack, and consistent with our mission, the Academy offers life-changing programming to vulnerable women 19 and older, who have experienced difficulty gaining living-wage employment due to life circumstances such as poverty, exploitation and prostitution – a place to equip women for success!

PEARL is a non-judgemental, safe, and beautiful place to:

  • Gain support and mentoring
  • Have access to resource options
  • Temporarily stow personal belonging
  • Access personal hygiene care needs
  • Gain emotional and relational health
  • Gain hope and help to renew life
  • Tangibly experience the love of Jesus

After an initial intake and assessment, an individualized goal plan (along with how to reach those goals) will be created with each participant. These may include:

  • Support and Mentoring
  • Self-Care & Coping Strategies
  • Housing Needs
  • Addictions Treatments
  • Legal Counsel or Court Appearance Support
  • Advocacy
  • Life Skills Classes
  • Education Upgrading Support
  • Job Skills Training & Apprenticeship Opportunities
  • Counselling
  • Alpha Classes
  • Fun & Field Trips