Bad Date Reporting

PEARL has been serving sexually exploited women in the Fraser Valley since 2017. The purpose of the Bad Date Reporting Form is to decrease and deter violence against women and to help women stay safe in this community and beyond.



Please note that the Bad Date Report is 100% anonymous. Your safety and wellbeing are absolutely paramount to us here at PEARL.

If you wish to be contacted by staff, the contact details you provide will remain confidential.

The report is 100% anonymous and does not require you to submit personal details or contact information.

What is a Bad Date?

A “Bad Date” refers to any negative experience that you don’t want yourself or other women to experience. These experiences could include feeling uncomfortable about a date, harassment, sexual assault, someone stealing or refusing to pay, or any and all acts of violence and aggression. Anything harmful to you and your well-being is considered a Bad Date. By reporting and sharing these bad experiences we can become aware of the predators in our community and can help protect each other.

How to Report?

If you wish to fill out a report, click on the Bad Date Reporting button below. Anyone that has experienced a Bad Date is able to fill out this report! Staff and Volunteers can also assist you with filling out a Bad Date report, if you’d like help to do so.

Please note that the Bad Date Report is 100% anonymous. If you wish to provide your contact details or want to be contacted by the PEARL Team for support, the contact details you provide will remain confidential.

Have You Heard of Anyone Experiencing a Bad Date?

We would like your assistance in making our community a safer place. If you or anyone you know has experienced a Bad Date, you can report it and help ensure the safety of other women in Chilliwack, the Fraser Valley and beyond.


All that is required is a description of the Bad Date so that an ALERT can be sent out with the description of the predator(s) in order to ALERT other women of the incident.

The Bad Date Alert System

Once a Bad Date is reported, the information provided is summarized and emailed out to local agencies as a Bad Date Alert. This system works by distributing the information you provided about the experience and predator to local organizations in hopes of protecting other women from a Bad Date. The Bad Date Alert system serves as a warning system for other women and promotes the safety of other women in the prevention of Bad Dates. These ALERTS are then to be printed by each agency and posted in a common area for warnings.